Come Experience the “Buzz” at BootUP!

Spring is booming at BootUP!  Our beautiful patio is open for our community to enjoy – sure, you’re working but it feels more like an innovation resort – sunshine, cushy chairs, sparkling fountain, shady lawn, lovely trees – with a special feature – the vibe of startups, founders, serial entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, global delegations. We call it “home” and our house is buzzing with brand new startups and global teams moving in, existing community members expanding significantly, mentors, investors, etc. Our monthly week-long bootcamps attracting founders from all over, and workshops with our Corporate Innovation clients add to the buzz!  

Not only are we a unique home to our great startup community, we open our doors for events focused on entrepreneurship and innovation. BootUP’s community provides a special ingredient for the diverse range of groups which have chosen our unique space for their events.  Surrounded by the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, startups and corporates, service providers (law, accounting and consulting firms), trade commissioners and more find an “event” home at BootUP. Our conference rooms, event studio, and high end exclusive member cafe The Nest and outdoor patio are a perfect setting for offsites, workshops, product launches, panel discussions, and networking receptions.  At night, our patio and garden sparkle, providing a very special ambiance. Just this past balmy Friday evening, we were privileged to have Modern Luxury Silicon Valley Magazine and 100 Octane with their German luxury car collection showcased to their local community of founders, investors, and car enthusiasts. A few weeks ago, SF Travel hosted their regional networking event for corporate event planners at BootUP.  And this past week brought us an Austrian Networking evening, two high profile team offsites, a workshop for 56 German corporate executives, a top Ukrainian University event, two non profit oriented events, a workshop on Storytelling for a group of researchers from Norway, and multiple executive meetings. That was all just last week!

We encourage you to come and check us out. We would love to show you around. It’s a very special place, and you really need to see it to feel the vibe.  


Catalonia Reaches BootUP!

Catalonia Trade & Invest brought 5 promising startups to BootUP for a one day mini Bootcamp, as part of their Silicon Valley Exchange Program.  Our Catalonian bootcampers learned about the importance of storytelling – an art that few entrepreneurs possess. The startups practiced telling and refining their own story and had one on one time with BootUP mentors.  They also had the opportunity to hear how a large global Spanish financial institution, Santander Group, works with startups; Santander’s Silicon Valley office is at BootUP. CEO & Founder of BootUP Ventures, Mukul Agarwal, gave an inspiring talk to the startups about the keys to success. He emphasized the importance of building trust in forming effective business relationships, such as even being considered for a second meeting with an investor. Within minutes into his talk, he demonstrated his ability to build trust. When he asked the room, ”How many of you would be willing to give me a second meeting?” Every hand in the room went up.

That’s exactly what is required to engage your audience, whether it is a room full of people or just one person.

Thank you for Catalonia Trade & Invest for bringing your startups to BootUP:  Hubtype; RocketROI; TeamEQ; DefyU; HiGuests. We hope to see you again soon!


German TechMatch Entrepreneurs Visit BootUP

BootUP is fortunate to meet great entrepreneurs from around the world on a regular basis. When we ask them about their startups, many will jump straight into their idea or the technology. This is certainly important. However, what many founders forget to talk about is themselves and their key team – their background, their experience, why they are special. Ideas are plenty, new variations of technology pop up every day, but the unique YOU and YOUR TEAM will be one of the main things most Silicon Valley investors will focus on.

Mukul Agarwal, Founder & CEO of BootUP Ventures explained to the the German TechMatch startups visiting BootUP that the majority of funding decisions are based on the founders and their team. Investors want to see if you and your team have what it takes to to go through the inevitable ups and downs of a startup journey. Will you give up when they ask for a product pivot? Does your team have the experience and recognized expertise in the field which makes you better than any other similar startup? What’s your thought process like, especially when multiple challenges are sent your way? Can you and your team scale Mt Everest?

Thank you to the German TechMatch startups: BeeSharing for showing us your vision for saving our cherries, among other things; Blickfeld GmbH for sharing your unique approach to LIDAR; Dr Kurt Wolff GmbH & Co KG for sharing your vision for female health; Kinfinity for showing us a new world of robotics; MyLivn for telling us how local businesses can connect in a lifestyle platform; and Pxio GmbH for showing your vision for a cable-less world. We would love to see you all again and continue our dialogue – perhaps at one of our weeklong Startup Bootcamps! A big thank you also to GACC West for bringing the group to us.