Dynamic Korean Startups Pitch @BootUP

Korea was in the air at BootUP Ventures this past week!  Five high potential startups from Korea pitched at Demo Day organized by SVreBoot and hosted at BootUP.  It was also an honor to have Mr. Sun-Hee Han, Director of Daejeon Metropolitan City present for the evening.  The Korean startups were:


  • The Wave Talk, Real time bacteria inspection system
  • Blue Signal, Adaptive Traffic Management Solution
  • LiBEST, Flexible Battery and Wireless Apple Watch Charging Strap Development & Manufacturing
  • Eagon Tech, Self-car Wash Center Construction Company
  • Plasmapp, Plasma Sterilization for Medical Tools



Added to the Korean startups was one of BootUP’s own portfolio companies YouToken.  


Event participants were even given the chance to “invest” their event “cash” in the startups while reviewing their demo tables in BootUP’s beautiful patio, prior to the pitch competition.  The startups all gave great presentations, judged by: Carly Xiao / Midea U.S. Investment Lead, Jung Soo Kang / J.S. Investment, Oh / KB Investment, US Investment Lead, Jonathan Leong / Band of Angels, and Simon Yi / Physio Cue.  


Congratulations to the winners of the evening’s competition:

  • Winner of the Startup Pitch Competition:  LiBEST
  • Winner of the Demo Table Investment:  Plassmapp


Thank you to SVreBoot for bringing your event to BootUP!  Startups – we look forward to seeing you back at one of our Bootcamps!

Leverage your Business @BootUP!

For those of you who know us @ BootUP, you know we are proud to host events focused on entrepreneurship, social impact and innovation.  Every week, our team welcomes the numerous clients who chose to host their meeting or event at our unique space.  Here’s one example of a recent happy event client – you can be next!

“My name is Tom Diederich, director of community engagement at a software company called GridGain Systems. I’m also one of the organizers of the Bay Area In-Memory Computing Meetup – a monthly technical event featuring talks from experts of this specific technology.

The meetup is about a year old and has more than 800 members. As meetups go, this one is extremely focused and appeals mainly to data scientists and application architects. The Bay Area, while full of such folks, poses an unusually challenging environment for on-site events due to one factor: The traffic.

I’ve held these meetups in event spaces in San Francisco, Burlingame, San Mateo, Mountain View, Santa Clara, San Jose and Fremont. Despite having a large membership base, it was a struggle getting more than 25 people to actually show up — even though some events received nearly 100 RSVPs.

My search for this meetup’s “sweet spot” ended when I found BootUP in Menlo Park. I’ve used this space for our last two meetups and both drew attendance double of our events up to that point. The last meetup drew nearly 60 people.

Our June 13 meetup will also be held there.

Why? It makes my event more successful.

  •       The location is convenient for this group’s members. Several arrive by bicycle.
  •       The space is unique and captures the essence of Silicon Valley’s spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. The place is buzzing with energy.
  •       Event coordinator Britteney Reynolds makes hosting these events easy. She’s been there every step of the way — from planning to post-event wrap-up.
  •       The food is amazing. I’ve had several attendees tell me that the food was the best they’ve ever had at a meetup.”


Visit BootUP Ventures’ website to learn more: https://www.bootupventures.com/events

Or reach out and contact us: Events@bootupventures.com.  

We look forward to making your next meetup, offsite, meeting, etc a success!

Creating an Innovation Culture

What is innovation?  How do you create a culture of innovation culture within a company?  

BootUP Ventures Founder & CEO Mukul Agarwal shared his insights as Guest Expert at the recent ACG Silicon Valley C-Circle at Deutsche Bank Labs.  Mukul was joined on the panel by James C. Chapman, Partner at Rimon PC and Wil Koenig, Founding Director of Deutsche Bank Labs Silicon Valley. Great panelists combined with a distinguished group of corporate CEOs and C-level executives resulted in a very engaging, thought provoking discussion on topics ranging from mavericks to go-to-market vs technology to reporting structure to empowerment.  It was certainly a high-energy and productive two hours! Thank you ACG Silicon Valley for inviting us and Deutsche Bank Labs Silicon Valley for hosting us!

Learn more about BootUP Venture’s Corporate Innovation Programs here: https://www.bootupventures.com/corporate

Bridging the Software and Hardware Capitals of the World

The Hong Kong startup scene is growing and to support that growth with a Silicon Valley perspective, BootUP Ventures CEO & Founder, Mukul Agarwal, was invited by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) to visit Hong Kong as a guest keynote speaker on the “Entrepreneurial Mindset – What it takes to Succeed” at Hong Kong Electronics Fair.


Hong Kong has a key, critical feature – its close proximity to Shenzhen– the hardware capital of the world. Hong Kong is only about 45 minutes to the Shenzhen factories which produce the world’s major hardware components and products. As Silicon Valley is the global central point for innovation and entrepreneurship, one could argue that Hong Kong holds a similar position with respect to hardware.


HKTDC has been a longstanding supportive partner of Hong Kong companies, including startups. In this regard, they have launched a new incubation program called “Start-up Express,” to help start-ups build up their networks, market their businesses and attract investments. In addition, HKTDC is building a Start-up Portal, where the start-up community can connect with their peers and experts, and to work, learn, communicate and grow together.  HKTDC has also taken its engagement to Silicon Valley, where it has already hosted two Silicon Valley delegation events at BootUP Ventures. Their invitation to Mukul to experience the Hong Kong environment and share the Silicon Valley mindset is further evidence of their commitment to building this bridge – a BootUP Hong Kong is on the horizon!

There are over 40 major incubators around Hong Kong, many of which have been funded by the government.  One of these incubators is the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP).  HKSTP’s goal is to transform Hong Kong into the regional hub for innovation and technology development.  Currently, HKSTP is working with over 600 technology companies and providing them with amazing benefits for companies to expand and grow.  A few months ago, Dr. Yiu, Head of Advanced Manufacturing at HKSTP had visited BootUP Ventures together with his colleagues on the occasion of their Hong Kong Advanced Manufacturing Mission Trip to Silicon Valley.  It was a pleasure for Mukul to meet more of the HKSTP team in Hong Kong, including Peter Mok, Head of Incubation Programmes, and Wilson Chan, Senior Manager Incubation Promotion. BootUP Ventures looks forward to building a strong bridge between our two organizations.


In addition to those mentioned above, during his visit, Mukul was privileged to meet key stakeholders in the Hong Kong government, trade and business communities, including InvestHK, The Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association (HKEIA), Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), Hong Kong Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology (HKAAST), Angel Investment Foundation, Starthub Holding, Smart City Consortium, Netrove Ventures Corp and many more, including innovative Hong Kong based startups.  Hong Kong has an amazing infrastructure and can leapfrog ahead by building a strong bridge to Silicon Valley.  Hong Kong can play a very important role in moving this forward and should become very active in pursuing and creating that bridge. BootUP Ventures stands ready to build that bridge together with Hong Kong – stay tuned for BootUP Hong Kong!

Special thanks from our CEO:

It was an amazing trip to an amazing place!  Big thanks to Chris Lo, Carmen Lee, and the entire HKTDC team for putting together this amazing trip for me and for laying the foundation for BootUP-Hong Kong.  Thanks also to Basil Wai, CEO of HKEIA for taking me around to key players and entities shaping today’s Hong Kong. It was a privilege to meet Carine Pin and Alexander Chan from Mills Fabrica; Charles Ng and Jayne Chan from InvestHK; Stephanie Huang, Dr Victor Ng, Amy Wong from (HKPC), reps from HKAAST, Emil Chan and Eddie Cheung from SCC, the Angel Investment Foundation, Starthub Holding, and many more. Thank you all for the time you spent with me.  Hong Kong has an extraordinary infrastructure, very progressive attitude and tremendous potential. By bringing the Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurial mindset, experience, and startup culture to Hong Kong’s doorstep, BootUP Ventures can help Hong Kong leapfrog ahead to be a Tier 1 global startup ecosystem.  I look forward to working with all of you to achieve that goal.

To learn more, please refer to Mukul’s podcast and article:



German Valley Week Kicks Off @ BootUP Ventures

Every year, the German Startups Association (Bundesverband Deutsche Startups) takes a group of dynamic startup founders and entrepreneurs from Germany to Silicon Valley. This year, BootUP was thrilled to have the group visit us on their first full day of Silicon Valley immersion. BootUP CEO & Founder Mukul Agarwal’s inspirational perspective on entrepreneurship and innovation was a great way to round out an exhilarating day filled with new ideas and insights. When Mukul asked for volunteers to talk about their startup in about 30 seconds, a few brave souls rose to the task, despite first day jet lag. Why did we do this? Because in Silicon Valley, you never know whom you might meet on any given day. If you can’t crystallize the essence of who you are and what your startup is in a very succinct sentence or two, you might miss that golden opportunity. If you can intrigue your listener in 30 seconds, you will have their ear for longer than 5 minutes. In the end, it’s the messaging that counts –  the right message – an amazing story. Want to know if your story works? Try giving your 30 second pitch to a child. If they get it, you are probably good to go!

BootUP Ventures wishes the German Silicon Valley week participants an amazing week in Silicon Valley, filled with great stories – about both their experiences and their startups! Thank you to the German Startup Association –  Florian Noell, Sascha Schubert, Mirco Dragowski, and Nora Herzog – for bringing your group to BootUP Ventures! We look forward to seeing you next year on your next trip, at the latest!


Thank you to the group participants (in no particular order):  eSports United; XINGMarketing Solutions GmbH; XING SE; Exporo AG; Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub; Policy Navigation; SPRT; Civey GmbH; Shop.co; Zentrales Institut fuer Scientific Entrepreneurship & International Transfer (ZIFET) an der Universitaet Koblenz-Landau; blink.it GmbH & Co KG; Winglfield GmbH; hannoverimpuls GmbH; B&S Media GmbH; MuffinFactory GmbH; GEO Gesellschaft; Institut fuer Umformtechnik und Umformmaschinen Leibniz Universitaet Hannover; Osborne Clark; GSG Berlin; Viderum; GETEC Energie Holding GmbH; smapOne AG; and sorglosinternet.  We hope to see you back at BootUP Ventures in the near future – we would love to help with your story!