Real Change comes to BootUP – The Next Generation!

Family-owned companies – founded by one generation handing over leadership to the next generation – different perceptions of success; different thoughts on which way to move the company forward; learn from the past or just look ahead – all on the minds of these leaders.  BootUP was honored to be included in Real Change’s NexGen Learning Expedition including a variety of iconic French, family-owned companies, stemming from an assortment of industries including industrial manufacturing, e-commerce, supply chain management, and gaming and entertainment. Mukul Agarwal, CEO and Founder of BootUP Ventures, spoke with this multi-generational group about how to navigate intergenerational differences these entrepreneurs may face. Each company brought in current leading family executives along with familial successors. Mukul’s talk about the entrepreneurial mindset, what innovation really is, how to move from success to significance, balancing this all from the perspective of leadership, family responsibility, and expectations, inspired the group and led to an engaging dialogue throughout the evening. These 24 families came with the goal of bringing a new way of thinking to their medium and large size businesses to help innovate together for a better world, and BootUP Founder & CEO Mukul Agarwal certainly delivered, guiding them along the path of entrepreneurial mindset and innovation.

Additionally, we would like to extend a special thanks to the Real Change Network and the following companies for joining us and participating in our Corporate Mindset Workshop: Actual; Airbus; Antvoice; Armor Group; CETIH; DMD Group; Eram Group; ESSCA; Essilor; Guesneau; Guillemot Corp.; Hotel Gascogne; Idea Group; Intermarche; Isai; La Florentaise; Leclerc Saint Nazaire; Ludylab; Montlimart; Mousset; Seainvest; Sogeclair Aerospace; Tetrac; and Ubisoft.

BootUP Ventures regularly holds workshops on mindset and innovation for corporates from around the world. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact

Another Bridge with India – Maharashtra

Over the past year, BootUP Ventures has had the privilege to welcome many delegations from India.  The most recent was a very distinguished business delegation led by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) in conjunction with the Government of Maharashtra.  The delegation included 16 promising Indian entrepreneurs, joined by top officials from the Government of Maharashtra and FICCI.  These startup companies were in Silicon Valley to attend TiEcon, the world’s largest entrepreneurship conference.

Before making their appearance at TiEcon, the startups were hosted by BootUP for a 30 second interactive pitch workshop with Mukul Agarwal, CEO & Founder of BootUP. Each startup received critical and constructive feedback to help them craft their message in order to pique interest for a second meeting.  Throughout the workshop, Mukul Agarwal shared his perspectives on the entrepreneurial mindset and what it takes to move from success to significance.   BootUP also invited leading entrepreneurs, influencers, and investors from the Indian tech community in Silicon Valley to join the evening program, providing great insight and knowledge sharing to the delegation.

Special thanks to key support provided by: Priya Rajan and Silicon Valley Bank for the sponsoring the evening; Raj Fiber, Shehzad Merchant and Radhesh Kanumury for their insight; Nikhil Agarwal and  FICCI for bringing the group to BootUP; and Shri Aseem Gupta, IAS, Principal Secretary of the Government of Maharastra for supporting the vision of a strong  entrepreneurial community and network throughout Maharashtra with a strong dynamic bridge to Silicon Valley.  BootUP looks forward to building that strong bridge with Maharashtra.

BootUP regularly welcomes Governments and their delegations from all over the world.  If you would like to learn more, please contact

BootUP Hosts Swedish Startups

BootUP was honored to welcome 24 startup entrepreneurs from Sweden recently. These 6 teams, comprised of 4 people each, were awarded a trip to Silicon Valley for winning a prestigious Swedish startup competition.

Their visit consisted of discussions and a taste of what a 30 second pitch workshop with BootUP’s CEO and founder, Mukul Agarwal, is like. Annika Steiber, Menlo College professor and Founder and CEO of the Swedish company A.S. Management Insights, brought the startups from her home country to BootUP. Kelly Davis, Menlo College’s Assistant Director of Career Services and Study Abroad program, spoke about how the college collaborates internationally and options foreign students have to continue their education in the Silicon Valley. BootUP Ventures Vice President, Eric Malis, gave an overview of BootUP and the various programs BootUP offers for startup companies. One of the most popular workshops at BootUP is the Startup Bootcamp, a one week course where 10 startups are given the opportunity to spend an intensive week, meeting some of the brightest and most talented mentors across Silicon Valley in small groups and one-on-one sessions. The workshop focuses on mindset, model and messaging where these startups are able to network, strategize, transform business models and improve pitching skills. Mukul Agarwal explained the pitching culture in the Silicon Valley, discussing the art of the 30 second pitch. The Swedish startups were then able to practice this first hand, with Mukul providing positive feedback as well as constructive criticism to help enhance and better their pitching skills. BootUP and their Swedish guests are continuing the dialogue and network building – BootUP looks forward to staying in touch and to having the participants back as part of our Startup Bootcamp!