Catalonia Reaches BootUP!

Catalonia Trade & Invest brought 5 promising startups to BootUP for a one day mini Bootcamp, as part of their Silicon Valley Exchange Program.  Our Catalonian bootcampers learned about the importance of storytelling – an art that few entrepreneurs possess. The startups practiced telling and refining their own story and had one on one time with BootUP mentors.  They also had the opportunity to hear how a large global Spanish financial institution, Santander Group, works with startups; Santander’s Silicon Valley office is at BootUP. CEO & Founder of BootUP Ventures, Mukul Agarwal, gave an inspiring talk to the startups about the keys to success. He emphasized the importance of building trust in forming effective business relationships, such as even being considered for a second meeting with an investor. Within minutes into his talk, he demonstrated his ability to build trust. When he asked the room, ”How many of you would be willing to give me a second meeting?” Every hand in the room went up.

That’s exactly what is required to engage your audience, whether it is a room full of people or just one person.

Thank you for Catalonia Trade & Invest for bringing your startups to BootUP:  Hubtype; RocketROI; TeamEQ; DefyU; HiGuests. We hope to see you again soon!


German TechMatch Entrepreneurs Visit BootUP

BootUP is fortunate to meet great entrepreneurs from around the world on a regular basis. When we ask them about their startups, many will jump straight into their idea or the technology. This is certainly important. However, what many founders forget to talk about is themselves and their key team – their background, their experience, why they are special. Ideas are plenty, new variations of technology pop up every day, but the unique YOU and YOUR TEAM will be one of the main things most Silicon Valley investors will focus on.

Mukul Agarwal, Founder & CEO of BootUP Ventures explained to the the German TechMatch startups visiting BootUP that the majority of funding decisions are based on the founders and their team. Investors want to see if you and your team have what it takes to to go through the inevitable ups and downs of a startup journey. Will you give up when they ask for a product pivot? Does your team have the experience and recognized expertise in the field which makes you better than any other similar startup? What’s your thought process like, especially when multiple challenges are sent your way? Can you and your team scale Mt Everest?

Thank you to the German TechMatch startups: BeeSharing for showing us your vision for saving our cherries, among other things; Blickfeld GmbH for sharing your unique approach to LIDAR; Dr Kurt Wolff GmbH & Co KG for sharing your vision for female health; Kinfinity for showing us a new world of robotics; MyLivn for telling us how local businesses can connect in a lifestyle platform; and Pxio GmbH for showing your vision for a cable-less world. We would love to see you all again and continue our dialogue – perhaps at one of our weeklong Startup Bootcamps! A big thank you also to GACC West for bringing the group to us.

March BootCamp – Another 10 Companies Taken to the Next Level

BootUP, a global accelerator, kicked off its March startup BootCamp working with 10 promising startups, including: ‘PulSage’, ‘Smartster’, ‘Rescate Patagonia’, ‘Sooner Biomass Energy’ ‘Aversafe’ and ‘Uplift Investing’.  They participated in a week-long session, including pitch clinics, group sessions, and one-on-one mentoring. Mentors not only gave participants pointers on how to refine various aspects of their companies, but also coached them on how to grow their business. The five days of intensive training culminated on Demo Day, where the startups had the opportunity to pitch to BootUP’s Angel investors and receive valuable feedback to move their business to the next level.


“The one-on-one mentor session helped me to think beyond why I didn’t get an investment from a VC. Going to the root of the problem was my issue and going forward with starting companies in the future, I will adjust my pitch as I speak with different VC’s.”-BootCamp participant, Michael Kepic (THC ANALYTICAL LAB)



BootUP wants to increase the number of entrepreneurs who can make our world a better place, and we’re  determined to help entrepreneurs successfully realize their dream. Take a step closer to your dream with our startup BootCamp program and successfully unlock your future – and the world’s!

Interested in joining BootCamp? Apply to be the next batch!



Check out what CEO, Mukul Agarwal, has to say about BootCamp:

BootUP Helping Entrepreneurs Get a Leg Up Through One Week Program

BootUP Ventures – Collaborating Globally to Change The World

Is there a way to change the world?

We at BootUP Ventures believe there is, and we invite you to join us.

Did you know that only about 5% of the world’s population are entrepreneurs?  Look at some of the life changing technologies and products coming every day from that small percentage of entrepreneurs around the world.  What if we could increase that percentage by just a few percentage points?  Just think of what we could achieve!

Our Mission

BootUP Ventures’ mission is to help drive that percentage higher by supporting global entrepreneurship and innovation.  Over the past several months, the world has walked through our doors – literally! Incredible startups from around the world looking to launch in the 

US; global corporates of all sizes and industries seeking innovation and the Silicon Valley mindset to drive growth and maintain relevance in a constantly changing market; all have been our guests.  We welcomed representatives from Africa, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Russia, Canada, Latin America, Australia, China, Korea, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and more!  

We are committed to continuing the dialogue by connecting the world of entrepreneurship and innovation through reciprocal relationships with similar partners around the globe.   Our global member community of changemakers can access startup and innovation environments in locations such as Singapore, Australia, India, and many more, also San Francisco and New York.  Don’t travel much?  Don’t worry – as we said above, the world comes to BootUP!


We walk our talk  –  look at how the press & media have been talking about us:


Entrepreneur?  Intrapreneur?  Corporate?  Investor?  Expert? Trade Commissioner? Academic?

Be part of something unique in the heart of Silicon Valley…

  • Access our one of a kind innovation patio and beautiful The Nest@BootUP.
  • Be inspired by the world – meet them @BootUP or access them via our physical and virtual partner network.  Paint your own global canvas!
  • Receive minimum 4 hours complimentary conference room usage and member rates for events
  • Engage with dynamic international startups and serial entrepreneurs
  • Access our experts and mentors
  • Build your customized startup or corporate innovation strategy with us

BootUP Bootcamp Dec Batch – Applications are open!

BootUP Ventures is excited to announce that the applications for our Bootcamp Dec batch is open. We are looking for 10 highly motivated startups to join us on a life changing 1 week adventure to dive deep into the core of what it takes to be successful.

The Dec batch will run 1 week from 12/11/2017 – 12/15/2017. In this week, we will take you through mindset transformation of how you can be successful in your startup. But also drive to the core mechanics of your marketing strategy, addressable market and business model. We will also make sure you have the right messaging, so that when you have the opportunity to tell your story, it is amazing from start to finish. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to connect and network with investors, advisors and mentors that will walk with you along the way this week. If you are ready to get your startup on the right wavelength, join us for Bootcamp Dec.

Application will close Dec 1st to allow time for us to process all applicants. To learn more about the program and sign up follow this link:

BootUP Dec Batch

Update: We have accepted 4 startups in the program so far, don’t wait, join as soon as possible.

BootUP Hosts OneWorld for the Reel Impact Film Festival 2017

BootUP is proud to host OneWorld for the Reel Impact Film Festival 2017 #RIFF2017.


Event Description:

The Reel Impact Film Festival explores how motion picture is used to spread messages, drive change and achieve commercial goals for social impact organizations. The festival is focused on short films and “promo reels” that social impact organizations- both for profits and not for profits- leverage as part of their strategic communications. With the number of social impact companies growing rapidly and the explosion of the use of video online, social enterprises must embrace visual storytelling to effectively get their message out and drive the change they desire.

The festival includes an opening reception, keynote speaker and panels, several rounds of screening a variety of reels, networking opportunities, workshops and a closing ceremony with an award session.

Workshop areas include:

  • Create your story – Identifying the most compelling pieces of your story or mission.
  • Create the reel – Producing a movie that captures the essence of your message.
  • Create the buzz – Marketing tools & techniques to distribute your movie.

Get your tickets here and use discount code “Bootup”

Update: We had a great event, we had a great time and enjoyed so many great short films that told powerful stories. Looking forward to hosting again next year

BootUP Women Sep – Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship

BootUP Women is proud to announce the first event of the series. We wish to make a positive impact on this world through entrepreneurship but we need to empower more people to be entrepreneurs and leaders.


Entrepreneurship: Hearing from the frontline
Thursday, September 7, 2017, 6:00pm – 8:30pm
BootUP Ventures, 68 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA


We will have a stimulating panel discussion comprising of women who are successful entrepreneurs and have had a significant influence in their fields:
       Sandy Carter — Vice President, Amazon Web Services
       Mai-Li Hammargren — Chief Marketing Officer, Lookback
       Sali Christeson — Co-founder and CEO, Argent

This session will be moderated by Mukul Agarwal, ​Founder and CEO of BootUP Ventures, who is passionate about creating a community of motivated individuals who can work together to help​ empower women through entrepreneurship.

About BootUP Women:

The goal of BootUP Women is to bring together bright minds that are idea-focused and determined to change the world of women entrepreneurs. We are building a platform to help​ ​women foster learning, provide inspiration and make impacting decisions.

Update: What a great event. Thanks to everyone that came out and a special thanks to our panelist for sharing their invaluable experiences. We look forward to seeing everyone again for our Dec session.