Corporate Acceleration With BootUP

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Our Clients

Innovation with Startups

We develop in detail proof of concept scenarios with our customers. Then we either custom develop new solutions or find startups that we can integrate into the fabric of our customers through our Proof of Concept approach.

Innovation Initiatives

Identify and enable disruptive innovation initiatives.

Expert Network

Hub of domain experts, including artificial intelligence, deep learning.


Active Sales & Business Development to Gain Traction and Scale-up.

Startup Integration

Technology sourcing, Piloting, Proof of Concept, SW/HW Development.

Proof of Concept Development

Proof of Concept Identification

Business assessment and personnel interviews.

Startup Technology Scouting

We help scout and integrate scale ups and startups into your corporate fabric seamlessly. Systems, process, people, mindset & culture and ecostystem.

Organizationational Enablement

We develop ON ALL THE NEW technology stacks to solve your business problems and engage in every stage of your innovation backend.

Core Business Enablement

With our development team we help to integrate the startup with the core technology platform or the core business platform. We sometimes match up to 50K to help accelerate the solution development

Core Verticals

Fintech and S&B solutions, Eccommerce and next generation retail, transportation, energy and smart city, tellco and comms, ag-tech We embody Silicon Valley and disruptive innovation at its core. Our people have been there and have done it – and are doing it every day.