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Solutions any Vertical

The custom solutions we build aimed at transforming the challenges facing your corporation in any vertical by giving you acces to the inner workings and cutting edge techology of Silicon Valley.

We're entering an era of emerging technologies and disruptive trends acceleratiing at an exponenetial pace. These trends will disrupt . It will also shed light to the building blocks of innovation that ignite the infamous entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley and bring to live its game-changing ideas. 

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Global Development Team Delivering Customized Solutions

We have 400 developers with you every step of the way to ensure maximum effectiveness of your custom solution.


Ideate Your Solution

We use rapid iterative design based thinking to deliver the best solution for your business.


Initial Concept Development

We will deliver both rough screen designs as well as next generation UI/UX to validate solutions within your organization quickly to help streamline adoption.


Silicon Valley Latest Technology

We apply latest Silicon Valley based technologies both on backend, front end and mobile. This often helps the adoption curve of your existing IT teams as well.


Global Deployment Solutions

We are used to deliver global deployments. We have delivered global solutions, multi- currency, multi-country and have our own co-location services if needed to deploy rapidly.

Case Studies

Blue Stone



Amazon Prione



Let's grow our business together!

4 models of engagement BootUP works on:

  • Light strategy and tech scouting (1 strategy workshop and 12 months of tech scouting).
  • Deeper engagement strategy and Network transformation
  • Startup and POC integration with our development organization, Build, Partner and Buy and/or Setting up Corporate Accelerator.
  • Full Business Network Transformation Partner
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We leverage the talent of the world’s top 1% of developers who are experienced in cutting-edge technologies, and source the right talent for your requirements.

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