Corporate Innovation
Strategy Workshops

Strategy workshops on how to tackle innovation, develop roadmaps and startup scouting.

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Program Highlights

Innovation Maturity Assessment

We will assess before the innovation strategy workshop what level of innvoation maturity your organization is at before you start your innovation journey.

Innovation Roadmaps

During the customized innovation workshops either at your business or in Silicon Valley we develop custom roadmaps for your business influenced both by new trends, disruptive forces and your core business needs together with your executive management team

Organizational Enablement & Execution Plan

Our years of experience have shown that developing innovation technology without cultural change is very challenging. We believe it requires a mindset change within a company. Together with the innovation roadmap we deliver a customized methodology to help develop quicker acceptance of new technologies in organizations

Startup Scouting

After the innovation workshop we provide an additional 12 months of startup and technology scouting as part of our service. This provides you with the latest developments on new technologies that you could apply to your business

Highlighted Benefit: Startup Scouting

BootUP is over 400+ individuals strong, with partners in the US, Europe and Asia creating a unique ecosystem for expertise, global impact and startup deal flow making BootUP one of the largest networks of startup entrepreneurs in the world. We hence have made it our goal to stay up to date with the latest technology trends in many verticals. We have our own startup sourcing and scouting team that allows us to provide value beyond our strategy workshops.

Our main Silicon Valley campuses is home to over 100 of the top entrepreneurs in the world across many of the highest technology verticals. We source the most promising startups and working talent from our vast network bringing you cutting edge technologies from the most innovative minds.

Startup scouting

Message from the President

Marco ten Vaanholt has been recognized as one of the top 10 entrepreneurs every business person needs to know. He is the president of BootUP and responsible for all corporate innovation initiatives. Marco and his team has developed proprietary methodologies to help corporates succeed with their innovation initiatives. With over 40 corporate customers BootUP has been innovating in many industries and with the unique blend of startups mixed with custom development resources BootUP is unique in its delivery capabilities in the industry. BootUP has been specializing in verticals that are being disrupted and helping them to stay on the competitive edge. Join us to learn more.

Specialties: Kick-starting new ventures, helping foreign companies, globalization focus, P&L responsibilities, strategy and innovation, product management, social networking, managing and expanding diverse international and global teams.

Core Verticals

Fintech and S&B solutions, Eccommerce and next generation retail, transportation, energy and smart city, tellco and comms, ag-tech We embody Silicon Valley and disruptive innovation at its core. Our people have been there and have done it – and are doing it every day.

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