Is Being A Workaholic Really That Bad?

Aside from the age-old advice from your mother to always rest well, there is much research that shows being a workaholic has its significant pros. Those warnings are effective at avoiding the negative consequences of over-working, which can be as extreme as being detrimental to health. Over-work can lead to hypertension (high blood pressure) and stress-related illness such as a higher predisposition to certain cancers. As far as actual work goes, productivity and focus can decline, and depression is a common theme.

With the negative aspects of working long hours out of the way, read on to see what research says about avoiding them while being a “workaholic”. The Academy of Management Discoveries actually found no hard evidence that it is long hours specifically that caused negative health implications.

It is a compulsive work mentality that led to them. For long hours and early starts to work for you, keep the following considerations in mind.

Loving your job

Choosing a job you love really does lead to the feeling of never doing any work. Passion, paired with dedication is what leads to both financial and emotional success. Consistency within a field that you really enjoy being in will improve your quality of life as you will find a sense of purpose doing something that you look forward to. If you have already found such a career – brilliant! Listen to your gut and dive in deep; being a workaholic can actually be good for you. Ensure you have recognition and a feeling of gratitude in what you do as well, as this will keep you moving up the social ladder of success as well.

Be enthusiastic

A positive mindset will completely switch around the way a person approaches their job. Long hours will not bother you, so will not cause you mental stress. The idea of balance comes in when considering other commitments in life: ensure your job fits around these and you will be fine.

Commitment to your hours

If you have a sensation of being fully invested in your work, long hours will feel more of an obvious thing to do rather than something you are forced to do. Use your full capability in terms of skills and values.

“Many people get caught in the web of feeling that they are wasting their lives, because they aren’t taking this crucial step of fully investing themselves in something they’re doing,” says Michael Simpson, HR at Custom Essays and Big Assignments.

Full engagement

Engagement refers to the full involvement in something. Thus, being fully engaged in something means feeling fully involved in it. You begin to feel like you are a part of what you are doing, rather than simply conducting it all. You will take on the energy of steady speed and go at the pace that is required of the service you are providing, instead of being the engine behind it all that requires fuel.

Of course, the word workaholic is derived from the word alcoholic, to indicate compulsive and counter-intuitive behaviour. When picturing it, images of an anxious office worker pop into the mind, who never take vacations and never ever have a day off; work feeds into every aspect of their lives and family and friends can be cut off.

“…However, this is a mental game: working is a good thing, addiction is not. Those who are not addicted can in fact work long hours and have better quality lives because of it,” says Richard Baker, blogger at EliteAssignmentHelp and UKWritings.

The main factor that divides happy and unhappy workaholics is their ability to achieve balance in their lives. A strong work ethic is not an addiction but is a strong focus to something important and useful. If you can achieve the ability to work long and intensive hours that are highly productive, your career will improve, and you will find greater satisfaction and happiness in what you do. Your reputation will increase, and your bank account will be a lot healthier.

However, if you do find yourself lost in stress and an obligation to long hours you dread getting up for, it may be time to reconsider if you are on the right career path.

Aimee Laurence is a successful writer and editor at Top assignment writing services VIC and Top Australian writing services. Aimee helps companies with employee management and freelances as HR. Also, she blogs at Academized.

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